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TV installation Dubai

TV installation Dubai



TV installation Dubai Television sets have become a necessity in this day and age. Regardless of how much you might be in favor of the old school television sets, you have got to admit that nothing beats having a television set mounted onto the wall. Here is how you can make the most of a professional TV installation Dubai service in Dubai, in this regard:

Professional At Work

Once you have made the booking, there’s nothing more for you to fret about. From unpacking your TV to preparing it for installation, the handyman will take of everything. On top of that, the handyman will advise you on the best position for your TV as well.

  • Checking if there are enough electrical sockets and if they are within reach;
  • Checking the type of wall where the TV will be mounted on;
  • Ensuring that you have all the accessories you need (cables, brackets, etc.);
  • Having somebody else meet the specialists for you in case you are away.


Where Should My TV Be Wall Mounted?

If you’re unsure of where to place your TV, your television installer will gladly assist you with finding the optimal spot. There are 3 things to keep in mind here:1 the power outlet’s accessibility, 2 the area of wall studs (used to properly support the weight),3 and the place where you want to sit while watching a movie. Also, a tilting or swivel TV mounts may be just the thing you need if you want better control over adjusting the view.

Are My Walls Suitable For TV installation?

Robust walls made of brick or concrete are just fine for your TV installation Dubai service. However, walls made of plasterboard or lath are not optimal for a TV wall installation as they may not be able to carry the weight. That is why your handyman will always inspect your walls first before performing the service. If you have plasterboard walls, the expert can reinforce them with wooden panels before mounting the TV on top Garage Door Repair in Dubai.

Just say the word and the experts will arrive with the right tools to mount your TV and safely conceal any stray wires to ensure your hazard-free, thriller-packed evening. The diligent specialists can install products by virtually any wall bracket manufacturer TV installation Dubai.

  • Will the handymen bring their own tools and equipment?
  • All specialists will bring a range of tools, including:
  • Fixtures and fittings;
  • Level;
  • Raw plugs and dust sheets;
  • Cable clips and sleeves;
  • TV installation Dubai

Enjoy a Safe TV installation Dubai, With Wires Neatly Tucked Away

  • Your TV mounting expert will help you fit your screen to any type of wall
  • Free expert advice on how to best position your TV screen
  • Same and next day TV mounting are available upon request
  • Fitting all types of TVs, including plasma, LCD, HDTV, and more
  • All work is carried out by experienced and insured tradesmen
  • Flat 15% discount on all services with
  • Trusted local handymen who can work with a variety of TVs and materials:
  • All sizes: small (under 42”), medium (from 42” to 64”), and big (above 64”);
  • Types of TVs: LCD, Plasma, 3D, LED, Smart TV, HDTV, Home Cinema;
  • Brands: Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Philips, Sharp, Panasonic and more;
  • Types of TV brackets: multi-positional, tilting, flat-to-wall;
  • Types of walls: brick, stud, plasterboard, masonry, concrete and partition walls.

TV installation Dubai Once your television set has been mounted on the wall, nothing more needs to be done. All you should do, therefore, is sit back, relax and enjoy what your new television set got to offer. Oh and don’t forget to thank the handyman for the wonderful job, while you are at it. When you consider how expensive TVs are in Dubai these days, it is essential for you to hire a professional handyman to take care of the installation for you. Handyman slime just the contractor for the job, considering how its performed jobs are next to perfect. The future of your investment depends upon it!

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