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Pictures & mirrors hanging

Curtain fixing and installation

TV wall mounting

Shelves installation


List of Property Maintenance & Repairs Tasks We Offer in Dubai Call Now 0553612961.

Furniture Assembly

Carpenter Dubai

Hanging & odd Jobs

Property Refurbishment

Locksmith Dubai

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Hire A Skilled Handyman Near You TO

Efficient and neat handyman services in Dubai. Guaranteed quality of work that boosts your comfort, safety, and property’s value.

Successfully Providing Business Solution from 20 years

Fully Insured & Equipped Handymen

The handymen carry public liability insurance and have all the right tools to tackle any home repair task without any hassle!

24/7 days-a-week availability

You are busy and time-limited, that’s why we are flexible in terms of appointment time. You can schedule your service on weekdays, evenings, Saturdays, Sundays, and even bank holidays.

100% Guaranteed Work

You can be sure that when you book a handyman Slime Dubai, he’d be fully committed to help you as best as he can.

A Handyman Dubai Service That You Can Rely On

Whether it’s your home or office, things around the place need fixing now and then. And when things are getting repaired, you’ll find yourself updating and renovating the space with the newest additions.

Living in Dubai is already expensive, and when it comes to finding an affordable handyman Dubai service, things can get tough. Even if you find one, they might offer only some of what you need. And this is why, to bridge the gap in demand, we bring you the ultimate handyman Dubai service that fixes all your problems in a go!

What is Handyman Dubai Service?

A handyman service provider like us is a professional who offers a wide range of repair and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. Handyman services include home repairs, building maintenance, carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, painting, and landscaping.

The main advantage of having us is that we offer a one-stop solution for multiple tasks, saving customers time and effort in finding and coordinating different tradespeople for individual jobs. We are typically skilled in various trades, allowing them to take care of multiple tasks in one visit.

What Services Do We Offer?

We provide a variety of repair and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties, including:

  1. Home repairs: Handymen can perform a wide range of home repairs, including fixing leaky faucets, repairing electrical systems, and fixing broken doors and windows.
  2. Building maintenance: Handymen can perform routine building maintenance, such as cleaning gutters, repairing roof leaks, and fixing siding.
  3. Carpentry: Handymen can perform carpentry tasks, such as installing shelves, building furniture, and repairing cabinets.
  4. Electrical work: Handymen can perform electrical work, including installing light fixtures, fixing switches and outlets, and repairing electrical systems.
  5. Plumbing: Handymen can perform plumbing tasks, such as fixing leaky pipes, repairing toilets, and installing new faucets.
  6. Painting: Handymen can perform painting and wallpapering tasks, including preparing surfaces, painting walls and ceilings, and applying wallpaper.
  7. Landscaping: Handymen can perform landscaping tasks, such as mowing lawns, planting flowers and trees, and installing retaining walls.

How Can We Help You?

If you are looking out for a handyman Dubai service provider, here is how we can help you:

  1. Convenience: We provide a one-stop solution for multiple tasks, saving you time and effort in finding and coordinating different tradespeople for individual jobs.
  2. Skilled professionals: Our company employs skilled professionals trained and experienced in various trades, ensuring that the work is completed to a high standard.
  3. Time-saving: Our experts can complete tasks quickly and efficiently, saving time and allowing you to focus on other tasks.
  4. Cost-effective: We can help you save money on hiring individual tradespeople for each task, as handyman companies can offer competitive service pricing.
  5. Peace of mind: We provide guarantees for our work, giving you peace of mind and protection against any defects or problems.
  6. Versatility: Our company can handle many tasks, from small home repairs to complex building projects, making them versatile and valuable resources.

Thus, we are your people if you want a professional to get things done around the house or office!

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